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Bowl Food

A stylish alternative to canapes

Served in bowls small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, we can create a light meal equivalent allowing two and a half (different) bowls per person. Served on trays by our professional staff, with only a dessert fork needed. No more needing to find somewhere to perch awkwardly with a plate on your knees


Great warm or cold party food in a bowl served by us is always a crowd pleaser. For a more substantial alternative to canapes, but retaining the same informality, a bowl food menu is the perfect solution. Or for a extra-special menu serve canapes followed by bowl food...

A more relaxed approach to catering for large numbers



From our Bowl Food menu collection:

  • Rich slow cooked beef stew in a red wine sauce, served either with buttery mashed potatoes (or sweet potato if that’s better for you), or rice and green beans (served hot)
  • Rare fillet of beef, with a new potato salad, roasted red onions, beans and roasted tomatoes with basil oil and horseradish, crème fraiche and mustard sauce (served cold)
  • Chicken tagine with figs, herbed couscous, bean salad with hazelnuts and orange dressing (served hot)
  • Asian fillet of beef with soy, lime, chili and ginger, mixed rice salad and edamame sesame beans (served cold)
  • Red or green Thai chicken curry, with rice and edamame beans salad
  • Poached salmon with potato salad, avocado /crème fraiche sauce and green bean and roasted tomato salad (served cold)
  • Salad nicoise – new potatoes, green beans dressed in balsamic vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes, quail’s eggs and salmon (served cold)
  • Harissa salmon with herbed couscous and green bean and hazelnut salad with hazelnut and orange dressing (served warm)
  • Vegetarian paella, rice with onions, tomatoes, olives, peppers, artichoke hearts (served hot) – not as filling as a creamy buttery risotto
  • Vegetarian risotto – either spicy butternut squash (good colour – orange), or mushroom risotto - topped with wild mushrooms (served hot)
  • Bean chili with peppers, smoked chipotle, rice, avocados and soured cream


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